Machine quilting & friends

Saturday I was at my oldest son’s chess tournament. I ran into a dear friend and fellow art quilter, Kathleen Probst. She helped me start my quilt group over 5 years ago. She is no longer in that group so we don’t see each other much. Anyway, she was as excited to see me as I to see her. She w entering a quilt in a show today and needed help finishing it. So she came over that night and again today to quilt on my HQ16. It was fun to teach her. It was so different from teaching another friend last month. I will have to get better at taking pics to show on here. She is working in a series something I need to do. I learned some new things about my machine, which i didnt think I would. Ok I’m too prideful but I’ve quilted quite a bit on this thing and teaching a novice I didn’t think anything would be too out of the ordinary. I was wrong. She had curved corners and had pillowcased it. It was tricky trying to quilt those corners cause we couldnt really pin them. We did a lot of hand holding and moving of the clamps. I think next time I would baste a few inches of fabric to the quilt then pin it to the leaders so you could quilt right onto the fabric and stabilize the corners more without running into pins or quilting your leaders! Hope that helps someone it will help me in the future. I love curved corners.

Why a quilt blog?

I started one of these blog things over a year ago. It didn’t go far because I didn’t have a purpose and my post were so infrequent I had to relearn everything each time. Well my loving husband is so supportive that he has started this blog for me. He wants to get my work out there to the public as much as I. So the purpose is to get my art to the public and to have a record of how I do my techniques so I and you can reference it later. I hope you enjoy my quilt experience.